Mission and Vision

Hapeville Charter School is comprised of two entities:  the middle school, which includes grades 6-8, and the Career Academy high school, which will include grades 9-12.  The mission of the combined middle and high school programs is (1) - to provide a challenging and encouraging learning environment geared to increasing student achievement through academic and organizational innovation and (2) - to guide each student through the process of identifying, developing and achieving individual academic, personal and professional goals.

While the mission of the middle school grades is to prepare each student for a college preparatory high school in a safe and caring learning environment, the mission for the Career Academy high school grades is: 

(1) to provide a challenging and encouraging learning environment which substantially prepares each student for college and the workplace by supporting and encouraging the student’s motivation to learn and excel, and 

(2) to provide the foundation and resources for each student to increase his/her individual, academic and personal achievement during the high school years through close relationships with teachers and fellow students, rigorous and relevant curriculum (which meets State and local guidelines,) the attainment of industry-relevant credentialing, and exposure to career and educational options outside of the high school and 

(3) to help students maintain and build motivation by identifying and pursuing interests that lead to meaningful jobs that will initiate a career path.


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