The curriculum of the Hapeville Charter School is designed to support the educational goals of this school and is aligned with the State GPS and QCC as well as the Fulton County Curriculum.

Middle School Grades

To meet the minimum state requirements, the curriculum of the middle school grade levels of Hapeville Charter School will include the basic requirements and guidelines for the middle school grades as determined by the Fulton County Board of Education. Additional topics will be added to the basic requirements as deemed appropriate and necessary by the school’s subject area department heads, the administration and the school’s Board of Directors.
Exploratory courses, as described in the Fulton County board of Education Handbook, will include art education, choral and instrumental music, theatre and computer literacy.
For the middle grades, Hapeville Charter School will follow the State’s middle school concept. It is understood that, if HCS does not operate under that model, it will not be funded as a middle school.


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